RCPrefs Overview

Remote Control Prefs was created to give developers a simple solution to modify the settings of a game after it has been deployed. Think of it as a web-based config file you update in the Unity editor.

The developer uses the RCPrefs Editor to create and modify game settings (Integers, floats and strings), which are posted to a host server. These settings are called RCPrefs.

When a user launches the game client, a set of RCPrefs is fetched from the server and processed with an action chosen by the developer. The downloaded RCPrefs can then be saved as PlayerPrefs, Encrypted PlayerPrefs or converted any custom data solution the developer chooses.

Potential Uses in your App

RCPrefs is great for any setting value that you know you might want to change or you just aren’t sure about.  Here is a list of potential settings you might change.

  1. Modify the value of a particular bonus.
  2. Change the frequency of which ads are shown.
  3. Disable/enable ads all together.
  4. Disable/enable the Everyplay replay system.
  5. Update a welcome message.
  6. Alter difficulty settings.
  7. Change a required score to pass a level.
  8. Change a monsters HP.
  9. Change the currency value of In App Purchases.
  10. Change a URL for a promotion

…and pretty much anything else you can think of.

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